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Pisces Press cont'd

No I didn't! Mori san did and he knows more about it than I ever will. He 
uses composite soils in his tanks, no CO2 dosing but fertilizes with trace 
elements and regularily changes the water. Additionally, he has done 
numerous radical things to tanks to achieve the effects he wants. I really 
can't do justice to what he does. Suffice to say his publications are well 
laid out, have excellent photos and easily understood text (if you read 
Japanese that is)>^^<
luckily for all included I gave Ryan and a few others the contact numbers 
and I hope they pass them on. BTW an example of a hybrid tank would be using 
Amano's techniques in combination with Ted Barr's. >Correcting my first 
post- Edward Venn didn't say he was doing a 'hybrid
>tank', but that others do, and that Amano doesn't do that type of tank.  
>interested in finding out what this other type of tank is.
>                                                              -------
>     Thanks, Ryan Stover, for the contact info on Pisces Press. and for the
>tip on the book- I appreciate it.  I'll look into availability of their
>publications outside of Japan, and post what I find out.  Also, I'm looking
>forward to when your web-project-Suiso.com is up and running.
>     Zach K

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