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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #627

>> i'm thinking about java moss and an anubias or 2. begginer plants
>> my nitrate levels are something like 90 ppms out of my tap, so i need
>> plants, lots of plants.
> Whew! Now that's a lot of nitrate. A lot of plants would help, but I'm
> afraid that 90 ppm may be too high to grow sensitive ones or grow
> any at all. Actually, that level may make it hard for much of
> anything to grow, except algae.

Something is very wrong here. 90ppm out of the **tap** of NO3? I hope that
your testing or kit is messed up. Levels that high will cause Blue Baby in
infants and it is also a primary drinking water containment. 10ppm is the
maximum allowed by federal law and if it is that high were your at call the
Local water agency and then the EPA as well if your sure. Unless you have a
well near a sewer/cattle lot/ live in Mexico near a farm etc you shouldn't
have levels that high. Check your kit again.
Tom Barr           Certified & Licensed Potable Water Treatment Plant
                   Operator, CA