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Re: Unknown Organism

>Those little 1 to 2 millimeter round ostracods are everywere.  Their eggs
>are really tiny and could have come in on any of the plants or on the
>shells of the snails.  I bet you had those little guys a long time before
>you noticed them.  Fish never seem to get them all.  I am beginning to
>suspect that Ostracod eggs are resistant to drying and bleach treatments,
>and who knows what else.  They probably couldn't survive autoclaving or a
>direct nuclear hit, but that is only a hypothesis!

Have you tried using Peroxide? It annihilated all my black hair algae on my
swords, though the anachris didn't come off but i dont think i dosed enough
and it ended up dieing from lack of light, you could remove the plants or
even the fish and filter and overdose on peroxide, it'll probably kill
everything other than plants, fish can't survive in a high peroxide
environment and i'm pretty sure nothing that requires oxygen since oxygen is
life and O2 is death :) except for plants. I use it for throughouly cleaning
gravel, nothing like dumping it in (well not a whole lot) with peroxide in a
bucket and leaving it for a few days, not just the bacteria but i find dead
snails and stuff after i wash it off. It really helps getting rid of those
small annoying ones and it shines the gravel (probably because i had some
algae growing on it too). I used peroxide once in my fish tank to rid algae
and the water got extremely clear, however i didn't disconnect my
powerfilter and ended up removing the nitryifiers :) luckily with the plant
load i did 2 water changes in 3  days and the tank was back to normal
without green hair or spot or brown algae. I got so many plants I have no
ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate (measurable anyway) It would be interesting if
you could do this experiment since your actually able to find eggs :) I have
problems finding one of these guys. But 2-3 days with a high dose should be
fine without hurting the plant (from lack of light not the peroxide). If you
decide to try it, I'd be very interested in the results. I think the
peroxide kills the easy algae first like brown algae, it's a little harder
on the tough stuff like Black Hair algae but it eventually does the trick, i
think thekrib has dosing instructions, and since you can get so much for $3,
I think its worth it.

btw, I'd consider this a nuclear hit if you dose high enough and remove your
fish first *wink* If you dont use a filter though like a sponge your tank
might recycle.

- Matt