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Re: Unknown Organism

Matt wrote on Oct. 23:

>Well, it sounds like a possibility, I saw some pictures of ostracod's,
>though I can't really be certain since all I see is a circle and nothing
>else, I'm curious how they got in that tank in the first place, the only
>thing i've added foriegn were snails and 4 fish, and I haven't seen these
>Ostracod's in my community tank were the snails and fish were originally
>found, including yellow eggs and the like. I removed everything from that
>tank and just let it sit for a while before i decide what to do with it, and
>I haven't seen anthing floating around, I didn't bother syphoning water yet.
>There hasn't been any dead fish or plants for that matter, just algae, which
>I seem to have quite a bit of brown algae.. but thanks!

Those little 1 to 2 millimeter round ostracods are everywere.  Their eggs
are really tiny and could have come in on any of the plants or on the
shells of the snails.  I bet you had those little guys a long time before
you noticed them.  Fish never seem to get them all.  I am beginning to
suspect that Ostracod eggs are resistant to drying and bleach treatments,
and who knows what else.  They probably couldn't survive autoclaving or a
direct nuclear hit, but that is only a hypothesis!

Paul Krombholz, in cool, dry, central Mississippi, where our only chance
for rain in October was the sixth.