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Re: high nitrates/mineral wool bad for fish?

Chris wrote:
> i'm thinking about java moss and an anubias or 2. begginer plants
> my nitrate levels are something like 90 ppms out of my tap, so i need
> plants, lots of plants.
Whew! Now that's a lot of nitrate. A lot of plants would help, but I'm 
afraid that 90 ppm may be too high to grow sensitive ones or grow 
any at all. Actually, that level may make it hard for much of 
anything to grow, except algae. Levels that high start to get 
detrimental to fish. I would amend, or better yet, use distilled water 
or RO water. That way you can make any condition you desire, 
theorectically. I'm afraid spot, thread, or black brush algae will also 
thrive in your nutrient soup.
 if i can get the java moss established, and with my
> java fern(i'm thinking about fixing anmother one to the wood) and some
> anubias, hopefully they may help lower my levels!
Ferns and anubias grow WAY too slow to help with nutrient 
removal. A tank slam full of ferns may not even move the nitrate a 
few ppm. You need lots of nutrient sponges (riccia, lots of moss, 
fast growing stems, floating plants). I'm afraid that nitrates will only 
build up to higher levels if you're waiting for the ferns and anubias to 
suck it out. Fill the tank with lots of hungery plants if you're set on 
using your tapwater.
> better get some plants fertiliser while i'm at it too...
I'd definitely wait before adding any fertilizer. You've got plenty! 

I keep my nitrates between 5-10ppm and still fight spot algae all 
the time. I have 2.5 w/gal and 0ppm PO4, and once a week have to 
clean my tank walls. 

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC