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Re: DIY Yeast CO2

On Sun, 22 Oct 2000, Wayne S wrote:

>... my CO2 is intoduced at a depth
> of around 15".  I've noticed at this depth the bubble rate is much
> slower than when I bubbled the gas into a collection bell near the
> surface.  Anyone got an explanation for this?  Is the increased
> pressure in the system exposing a leak or do I get more CO2 per
> bubble?

The difference in volume created by 15" of water depth is miniscule -- you
shouldn't be able to observe it.  If you get a real difference in the
CO2 output then it means you have a leak.

Another alternative is that with the outlet near the surface you get more
frequent, smaller bubbles and with the outlet deeper in the water you're
getting less frequent, but larger bubbles.  If you judge the CO2 volume
just by the bubble rate then it will look like you're getting less CO2
with the outlet deeper in the tank, but you aren't.

Roger Miller