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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #594

The people at Pisces Publishing, (I'll get their address for you someday) 
actually advocate running a diffuser at night. Just the simple act of 
pumping air into an aquarium can drive out excess CO2. I really have to 
check out my local LFS for a recent issue of Awave and Minima will be out 
next week. I like these magazines because the focus on smaller tanks, tanks 
that balance out the plant and animal articles and Mori san just puts out a 
better product than Amano.

Now, I've probably upset Thomas(BTW good article in FAMA)Barr (speaking 
poorly about my boss) but, I like keeping wild bettas, my tanks (once I get 
some again) will reflect my bias of keeping a few large (15cm+) B 
macrostoma, occelata or unimaculata in with a mixture of plants and some 
bottom feeders(catfish, not lawyers).

Of course Amano knows what he's doing. He's been very successful building 
his business and he attacks it just like he did when he was a proffessional 
bicycle racer. But,not everyone follows his lead in Japan. May people have 
hybrid tanks and would do thot he never would.

There are of course differences in the tanks, Amano prefers seamless float 
glass tanks with very little depth, long 60,90,120 cm tanks with 45-60 cm 
depth and a minimum of 4-6 watts/5 litres, specialized earth substrates 
(Amazon, Malaysian, African, Panatal) and injection of CO2 and buffering 
agents. In this I don't think we all agree, I can't afford the chemical soup 
and poor Kanucleheads(sorry Wolvie) like James can't either.

Tom Barr wrote:
>"Amano adds O2 to some of his tanks with the beetle diffusers."
>< snip >

James Purchase wrote: I don't care _what_ Amano does........
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