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Unknown Organism

I'm curious about an organism that I syphoned out of one of my tanks. The
tank has a guppy pair and a cory pair, and I was syphoning this small grass
like fake plant, and didn't notice anything but debris at first, then when i
looked into the bucket with a flashlight i noticed things moving around on
the bottom, I then poured some of these 'things' into a small bowl. To my
surprise they look like a round cell perhaps oval shaped, and a dot in the
center, they swim around either on the bottom or on the surface of the
water, usually clinging to the sides, but will cross the middle to get to
the other side, I'm just curious what these could be, I know they can't be
cory eggs because mine just hatched 2 weeks ago and I have them in a
seperate fry tank. To my surprise I saw 2 of them in my fry tank, somehow
they survived water changes for 3-4 days, I could clearly tell these were
not fry because the fry were MUCH larger and a lot more noticable. They
haven't seemed to have effected my fry at all. They were way to small to see
through a magnifying glass, I'd have to use a microscope which i dont have
handy, incredibly smaller than my new fry's head even, I wouldn't have
noticed them if i hadn't used a flash light and seen some kind of reflection
moving around, there wasn't a whole lot of them, maybe 2 in my fry tank and
6-7 i syphoned up, does anyone have any ideas what they could be? It sort of
had a jelly like clear body, no tail or anything, just roundish like a cell
and what appeard to be a black spot in the middle..and they appeard to have
more width than height..

- Matt