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RE: Re: mineral wool bad for fish?

>The mineral wool is usually a form of spun glass, and isn't really
chemically harmful to the fish.

phew!!! *wipes away sweat*

>It just needs to be removed to get the roots ready for a good substrate or
other anchor in a non-hydroponic greenhouse. It *can* harbor strong urea -
or ammonia-based fertilizer. *That* could be a disaster in your tank, of
course. It was probably long-since rinsed out at your LFS.

seeing as the plant in question is java fern, which i read somewhere absorbs
most of it's required nutrients through the leaves, could it be left in the
tank, as removing it now would mean taking out my driftwood, ripping all the
wool from it, and then having to try and attach the fern via
another way, and probably not do such a good job at it as well...

thanks for the help!!!!

Chris Moody,
Aka, The Zpyder
zpyder at btinternet_com
zpyder at hotmail_com