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Green Water

Tow Wood described his method of curing green water:  " My method: Turn the
lights out altogether and blanket the tank (if it is in a well lit room) for
4 days. Don't feed the fish, but continue fertilization (no phosphates) and
CO2. Restart the lights at 4 hours per day, increasing by an hour every
other day until you are back up to 10-11 hours a day."

Recently, I had a bout of green water that was still hanging around after
4.5 days of darkness (dark blankets taped around the tank).  So I checked
with a couple of my buddies and set up a Magnum diatom filter driving a 15
watt UV sterilizer and the tank cleared up in 2 days.  After 3 days the tank
water was startlingly clear and polished and has remained so since.  


Steve Dixon in San Francisco, looking forward to the Chattanooga meeting in