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Re: Reverse Osmosis

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Lee E. Krieger wrote:

> I had the unfortunate disaster of moving to a new town where the water
> does not easily support planted tanks.  :-( I have already lost almost
> all of my plants.
> After many experiments and trials and much error I have decided that our
> city water is just not suitable for planted aquariums.  After a year of
> battling this problem I am close to giving up and putting the tanks up
> for sale.

I would find it surprising that a public water supply was just not
suitable for growing plants.  Before you go overboard you should probably
talk to other plant growers in your area.  Find out what they think the
problem is and what they do about it.

If you want help (other than how to cut your up-front RO costs from $500+
to $200+) then you might provide more information:  where you are, what
your water quality is like (maybe even what the water utility says they
give you), more detail about what actually happens to the plants and what
your setup is like.

Roger Miller