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Ich! Help!

Hi all,
I've suspected that my tank might have been infected with Ich disease. Most
fish in the tank died with a rotten fins! Is it because of White Spot?

I've set up a 20 gallon heavily planted tank for 2 weeks now and everything
went fine until the tenth day, after I did a 45% water changes. The next
morning most of them are found dead, except 3 of them! First I thought that
the new fish I brought home in the beginning of the second week carried the
disease to to the tank. Until this evening, I've seen a very small moving
creature in the tank and I wonder if it's an ICH. What is it look like?
There are also some snail in my tank (since my yellow puffin that I put it
to work as a snail-invader! died on the same day as the tetras!) Do the
hatched snails move?

Any suggestion on how to fight with the ich?

Thanks very much in advance,
Arthit Prasartkul
38/4 Sukhumvit 15
Bangkok 10110