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Re: Reverse Osmosis

> On Thu, 19 Oct 2000 Lee E. Krieger wrote:
> <Snip> Last ditch effort is to find a new water supply.  Today I was introduced to a  reverse osmosis system that would yield 10 gallons a day.  The problem is the system costs $500.  This is too expensive for me.

> Besides just going to the store and buying the water...are there any other cheap or DIY alternatives?   I am even tempted to go down to the local river, get some water, boil the heck out of it, let it cool, and then place it in the tanks.
> Thank you in advance for your advise.
> - -Lee


RO units are available much cheaper than $500.  If you look around, you can find a 24 gpd unit for around $200 - $250.  I bought mine, an 18 gpd unit on ebay for $135, brand new.  A 10 gpd should cost much less than $200.

Bob Ashcraft
Pittsburgh, PA