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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #606

> > All this talk about riccia has got me itching to try it out, does anyone know
> > of a source of the sinking variety?
> Hobbyist only.
>  How can you tell the difference between
> > the two... are they different species?
> The sinking type is much darker green. It sinks. Yes it is a supposed
> different species. Check Baensch vol for a reference. ID-ing the many
> types/species would be very difficult to do unless you are a Byrophyte
> specialist and even then...
> Stay away from it is my advice.
> Unless you like duckweed:)
> It's worst.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr
> >
> > Regards
> > Al

A Question/Answer in the December Aquarium Fish Magazine (pg 12-13)
discusses a sinking form of Riccia.  The conclusion by Claus Christensen
of Tropica, after examining a clump under the microscope was that the
two forms were the same species as he could see the two forms in the
same plant.  Karen Randall, answering the question, mentions the Baensch
Atlas and says that she thinks it's not properly identified there.

Donna Magee