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tom wrote:

>  I was at my local Indo-china grocer and low and behold I see a
>  pennywort drink in a can. Sugar, water and pennywort. Didn't taste half 
>  Refreshing on a hot day but not something I'll have on hand all the
>  time:)

well, tom, i have seen it offered at shops in chinatown but never tried, 
along with green gourd drink and other exotic fare.  i have had the grass 
jelly drink, which is quite good but still dont know what plant is referred 
to as the grass.

jim wrote:

>  weighed down to keep them from floating to the surface. I've been
>  thinking about offering some pennywort or bacoba in a trade. Or maybe
>  I'll just make myself a salad. (I could use some stem plants, anubias,
>  Java Fern, or KNO3, if anyone's interested.)

well, jim, if i knew how to grow it, i'd take some.

last year, i was in southern brazil and there was another pennywort species 
growing by the roadsides, this one was starfish-shaped, more squarish, quite 

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA