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Re: White Cloud Minnows school

> >I've seen the white clouds and to me they're very boring and dull in color 

Oooh, on the contrary. I agree with Lily, they remind me of a little 
brown trout, with red accents. I had a school of a dozen for about 2 
years. They were fully grown, actually overgrown. They were 1.5" 
long and fat. They really looked good in the planted tank. I thought 
they would eventually breed, but I got tired of waiting and I had 
other plans for my tank. I read in a journal that the Chinese 
mountains were they originate can have cold temps, so I decided 
my outdoor pond would be a good place for them to live. After a 
month outdoors (early July), I had gazillions of them! Not only did 
they breed, but they kept breeding. I can run a dip net through the 
water around the plants and catch up to 20 at a time, all sizes. I've 
given bags of them away. I have to laugh now when I see the stores 
selling them for $1.59-$1.99 each. 

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC