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green water

I'm having my first outbreak with green water and am looking for some
advice on clearing this plague.  It started about a week ago when I
believe my CO2 cut out (DIY yeast method), I didn't notice at first and
kept fertilizing and using Flourish.  If my understanding is correct, my
CO2/nutrient ratio became unbalanced allowing for the alagal bloom.  I
have a population of SAE's and otos so the green water was the only
species capable of taking over the tank.  

I have done ~50% water changes every other day, reduced the number of
hours the tank is lit, stopped feeding and even tried a flocculant.  None
of these measures have made a noticable impact on the green water.  

What else can I try? Is this a self-limiting problem? Once correcting the
nutrient/CO2 imbalance should the higher plants outcompete the alage?

Thanks, Laurel M.