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Re: Amano's Unknown "Javamoss"

Two months ago I got in a supply of this strange moss-plant (expensive as
sin $35.00 per 1/4 lb!!) imported as Javamoss.  At the time, I needed
Javamoss BAD so I bit-the-bullet and bought this expensive stuff.  

I began to notice it did not grow like regular Javamoss (it doesn't need to
be trimmed into shape; is VERY brancy and is lighter green).  Its not till
I was re-reading "Nature Aquarium World" book 2 yesterday that I found this
plant on pg 20-21!!!

It suddenly hit me, why would Amano lable this plant "Unknown" when It
looks like Javamoss?  However, If you find Javamoss on the other pages and
look at the two VERY closely, you can see the difference.  REAL Javamoss is
more "stringy" and is darker.  The difference is even more striking when
you see it in real life next to real Javamoss.  Has anyone else noticed
this?  Does anyone have a scientific or common name for this plant? 

Those of you who bought Javamoss from me over the last month were very
lucky!  There is great chance you got this stuff.  I won't be selling this
stuff anymore till someone can find a name for this plant more appealing
than say, "Javamoss No# 2" :-)

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