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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #616

Hi Dave,

    I've collected rainwater for use in aquariums, and have never been able
to measure any nutrients in it whatsoever. Is it possible that run off from
the soil surrounding your ponds is leaching nutrients into your pond? Other
than that, all I can think of is that the addition of all that soft
rainwater is more to your plants liking than what comes out of your tap.

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario

see my 100 gallon at http://www.superaje.com/~mistnfrost/2x100gal.jpg

> ------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 22:37:22 +0930
> From: Dave Wilson <rwilson at octa4_net.au>
> Subject: Rainwater
> Hello
> I was wondering if someone would know why rain water makes plants grow much
> better than any water that comes out of the garden hose.   I have aquarium
> plants growing in ponds out back and when it rains they grow much better,
> bigger and faster.   Is there some sort of plant beneficial chemical
> reaction that occurs while the water is falling through the air.   I add
> CO2 and fertilisers to the ponds but the rain water really gets the plants
> going much better that any other waterchange.
> Cheers
> Dave Wilson
> Darwin where it is really starting to get hot and humid.