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RO/DI System vs. TapWater Purifier

I have been using Aquarium Pharmaceuticals' TapWater Purifier to soften and
dechlorinate my moderately hard municipal water for a South American type
community tank with live plants.  It has worked fairly well.  I get about
50-60 gallons of treated water per TapWater cartridge.  Since I change about
30 gallons of water every other week, the cost for replacement cartridges is
mounting.  I have been giving serious thought to an RO, RO/DI, or
Kold-Ster-il system.  The RO and RO/DI systems make good water, but not at a
very high rate (I am thinking of a 50 gallon/day unit), which means that I
would have to store water somewhere in order to make a relatively quick
(less than several hours) replacement of 30 gallons of treated water.  The
Kold-Ster-il system makes about 4 gallons of treated water per minute, but
it is not clear to me that it produces the same kind or quality of water
that an RO or RO/DI system does.  

My ideal aquarium water maintenance system would be one that would process
enough water within 2-4 hours to replace the 30 gallons or so that I am
withdrawing.  This is what the TapWater Purifier can do.  Is there a more
permanent system (RO, RO/DI, or other) that can do the same? 

Neil Anderson