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Planted Goldfish tank

I have two goldfish (a comet and a Shubunkin) in a 25 gal tank, along with 
Vallisneria (narrow), 1 anubia nana and Hygrophila polysperma.

They leave the anubia and Vallisneria alone, but eat merrily the H. 
polysperma.  It somewhat looks like it has been stripped by caterpillars.  I 
am trying to get it established well enough that its growth outweighs or 
equals the capacity of the goldfish to eat it.

Previously, these two goldfishes were in a tank with Java Moss and Lemma 
minor (duckweed).  The duckweed is a real beauty in this 10 gal tank.  I let 
it cover half the tank surface (the position of the waterfall from the 
trickle filter confines the weed to one side of the tank), and the other 
half of the tank is open for the Java Moss.  Both plant growth was well 
beyond the capacity of these two fish to eat them.  I harvest the Lemma 
twice a week to keep it to its alloted half.  The goldfish kept the lawn 
trimmed, as I call it.  They were very fond of the Lemma roots, and kept 
nibbling daylong at it.

Good luck with your setup.

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