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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #615

Great newsletter. I give up. Fish are doing excellent. Some plants also.
Still have Nuphar....apparently I have unintentionally succeeded in
slowing this weed down to where it is simply in its gorgeous phase.
Still have parts of my original Val(gigantea?) which used to threaten to
take over my tank(125g). The water lily is only barely aiive. No matter
how I neglected the Javas coped. Also, the crypts, E. osiris.,etc. I get
torn a little between fish and plants but the fish win, I guess. My
sunfish that  I rescued a couple of years ago has the last word. He is
now at least 3x bigger than when I rescued him one extremely hot
afternoon from a fading pool in a dry creek which runs on my property.
He has never damaged a plant that I know of and fits all the
characteristics of the 'Dog' of the fish world. Oh....I need to find the
newsletter where we rhapsodize about our fish.

After more than 2 yrs. I got that nasty blue green bacteria.
Erythromycin knocked it out in short order. Also, after more than 2 yrs.
I finally got ich....No way I could break down all five filters and
remove the carbon.  Installed a UV sterilizer. Ich was gone in a few
days. And hasn't been back since. It was all over my little clown
loaches, some Firemouths and ,I think Sunny(the aforementioned rescue).
I haven't seen Sunny try to scrape himself on driftwood or anything else
since the UV has been going. 

I know my parameters aren't correct for plants. I have nearly given up.
Maybe, I have to choose between the fish or the plants. I can't find a
CO2 test kit to save my life. The only one I found at lfs had expired
and didn't work. Two from TFP also were expired. Sera's kit: I can't
tell what color is in that little space. I have tried putting it in
front of a white background. To hell with it all.  

Don't know about y'all but I love brush algae on my rocks and a little
on the wood. The plecs , I think, live on it. It used to be horrible
before I put in'chocolate albino plec'. Now I can see original color of
rocks but they still have weathered, natural appearance. Gold Nugget and
Lyretail plecs are helping also, I think.