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Re: That Leech-Like Looking Critter

Original Post I found in the Newsgroup:

>>>They appeared to have no head as such the
>back looked like the front. They moved by stretching forward as worms do. I
>noticed also that once they attached themselves to anything they were very
>difficult to get off...<

Max Gallade:

>I've seen these critters with live blackworms.They are little leeches.I saw
>fish going nuts after eating one of them by mistake.I don't want those guys
>in my tanks.
>I'm staying away from live Blackworms and Bloodworms, thanks to my

My reply:

Thanks for your observation, Max.  I don't use blackworm myself (fear
introducing disease) so I don't have one I can take a pic of the
leechy-critter of to post.  Did that fish suffer any long-term ill effects
that you attribute to the critter?

Robert Hudson:

>I have had people give me simular descriptions, and seen these myself.   I
>always presumed them to be planaria, not leeches.

My reply:

No, not Planaria.  Planaria don't do the "inch-worm" walk like a leech.
Planaria do the "slide".  Also Planaria have a clearly defined arrow-point
shaped head and are cross-eyed.  Doesn't anyone have the shinny on these

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