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Re: Light bulb advice

I found an alternative source for cf bulbs at buylighting.com. I realized 
that I will do much better with pc lighting in some cases. In a tank where 
I've got reds depending on light levels, I frequently change light bulbs. In 
a *low light* tank which is low light because of lack of foresight and 
investment, I, also too frequently, have changed light bulbs. In both, I've 
experimented with bulbs ranging from $4 to $15 a piece. Considering the 
frequency with which I changed bulbs, one cf per 18 months - 2 years or so 
ought to be a money saver for me.

The cost was $10.50 for 50 watt, 5000K bulbs (GE). 55 watt, 5400 K bulbs, had 
a price of $16.50 (Sylvania). They seem to be just setting up operations and 
had to do a little research. By this, I mean they don't stock these bulbs, 
but can get them. 


> Me too. I think they are as about as good as it is going to get. It sort of
>  pisses me off because it has taken a lot of fun out of DIYing your own
>  system. I put in quite a bit of effort to build a custum light fixture and
>  it is still not as good as those kits. The more I learn about fixture 
>  the more I like the AH Supply stuff. Too bad the lamps cost so much money.