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Planted Goldfish Tank?

I realize this sounds like a contradiction, but I'd like to make it work.
I'm setting up a 90 gallon and would like to keep two large (5-6") fancy
goldfish in it. Goldfish are messy (like Discus) but don't require the high
temperatures the Discus need. From the plant side, it will be a high-input
tank with PC lights, CO2, PMDD. The idea being that the plants will be the
filter for nitrates and phosphates. I'm installing an in-tank sump that is
in effect a large pad (mechanical) filter. I know goldfish eat plants, but I
know I can keep the plants going well enough to stay ahead of the damage. I
am considering a large herd of ghost shrimp as a janitorial crew. Does
anyone have any experience with goldfish in planted tanks?

Austin, Texas