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Re: Blue-green slime algae/cyanobacteria

Alireza Sedarat <asedarat at stevens-tech_edu> wrote:

> Hey all
> I read somewhere about a type of algae that forms like a slime layer on surfaces... its supposedly cyanobacteria rather than algae...
> my question is, what kind of conditions promote its growth? ie what imbalances in nutrients, light, CO2, etc would lead to more of this slime than say hair algae or brown algae?
> and what can be done to get rid of it (ie fix the imbalance)
> Thanks
> Al

IME, lack of water circulation is the prime culprit. I observe ocasional
patches of cyano in both my 46 gal aquarium and two plant boxes. In the 
aquarium it only appears on top of large floating riccia mats, and sometimes
little patches clinging under floating frogbit leaves. My fix is to toss 
away the affected plants (they are weeds anyway), until no more cyano 
appears. It is perhaps linked to some kind of cycle in the tank ?

Both plant boxes share the same light, water changes, substrate, fertilizer 
and general maintenance schedule. One of the boxes has water circulation 
from a powerhead and is cyano-free. The other has no water circulation (yet) 
and develops a mat that I scoop out every week or so.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD