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Re: That Leech-Like Looking Critter

I found this post in rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc:

<begin>.......... I cleaned out my eheim 2217 canister filter today after
the 3mths recommended by eheim. After washing everything in the water from
the cannister so as to retain the nice bacteria, I noticed several small
(1cm )
long leech looking wormy things. The appeared to have no head as such the
back looked like the front. They moved by stretching forward as worms do. I
noticed also that once they attached themselves to anything they were very
difficult to get off. Seemed to be holding on with their mouths, but
couldn't see one.My tank setup is a community tank of 230gal. containing 1
pleco, 4 bristlenose cats, +lotsa babies of them, a bala shark a redtailed
black shark, 3 angels, 10 zebra danios, a new (within the last 3 weeks) kuhi
loach. All fish healthy, water paremetres fine etc. No obvious probs. Tank
cleaned weekly with 1/4 water change. this little creature is brownish in
colour. Could it possibly be a leech!
Any identifcation or help gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance.
Wendy ...........<end>

I've seen this critter before myself and  it is truly leech-like in
movement and morphology; never gets bigger than 1cm, light tan in colour.
However, I have seen no direct evidence that it harms fish. If someone has
data they can point to (scientific name, pics, feeding habits etc.) I'd
like to know myself. 

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