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Re: Brown Algae!

Hi Arthit

    Sounds like the diatomaceous brown algae favoured by Ottocinclus species
of catfish. You might try adding some (of the catfish!) to your tank if you
can find any. O. affinis is the most commonly available species here in
Canada, but I'm assuming that any member of the genus would have the same
appetite for your brown algae.

    You might check your nitrate level and try leaving your lights on for 12
hours a day; brown algae usually develops in the presence of excess nitrates
and not enough light.

Hope this helps,

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario

see my 100 gallon at http://www.superaje.com/~mistnfrost/2x100gal.jpg

> ------------------------------
> Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 18:26:59 +0700
> From: Arthit Prasartkul <arthitp at ksc_th.com>
> Subject: Brown Algae! Please Help!
> I've got into trouble with algae. I've set up a new 25 gallon heavily
> planted tank and it's been running for 2 weeks now. Everything went well
> during the first week. Until recently I noticed a brown film (which I
> assume it is algae) on the leaves of my Anubias nana and on the glass. I
> added fish on the 10th day and it includes :-
> 15 Cardinal Tetras
> 3 SAE's
> 1 Yellow Puffer
> 2 Yamato Shrimps
> I turn on the light (3*18 watts fluorescent aqautic tubes) for 9 1/2 hours
> a day and feed the fsh twice. I changed the water every 3 days.
> Would anyone please tell me how to deal with these annoying algae?
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