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Good Tasting Algae

Some one, (I forget who, apologies, this is an offline email) mentioned 
something about Good tasting Algae. Has anyone thought that with all our 
algae eaters, we wonder why we have strains of algae that nobody eats? Well, 
I think the person who mentioned something to the extent of "good algae" is 
that when we add all these SAEs and Octos, and Jordanelae Floridae (sp?), we 
eventually force only the strains of algae that they won't eat to appear and 
dominate our tanks.
    I think that we forget (I am probably guilty), that there is such thing 
as too many Algae eating fish, that is if you don't have SAEs, Octos, 
Jordanelae Floridae (sp?), assorted shrimp, snails etc... you will have one 
strain that persists. 
    In conclusion, I would say that I think if we were able to let certain 
"good tasting" algaes to be the main source of algae that persists if any in 
beginning tank syndrome persists. This may be reiterating, repeating :-) what 
somebody already said, but I would like to think that it may be a partial 
solution to the long standing question "which nutrient combinations produce 
which algaes?" I think a more appropriate question we should ask is, which 
algae eaters in combinations leave which algaes alone?

    I think it would be neat to compile some data that figured out:
    1) Which algae eaters the tank had:
    2) Which Strains of algae persisted:
    I think it would also be important to get some other factors included: 
nutrient load, specific nutrient load, light level,  CO2 and any other 
categories which would be pertinent.
    We have probably the most focused easily accesible group, and I think we 
should really start taking some data from ourselves, to further our cause? 
Any other takers? I would be willing to compile data in a standard format if 
we could work it out, or obviously anyone else interested is free to take 
any/all/none of it and run with it, Best, Bill

PS. I hope that I'm proposing something too outlandish or frivilous. Though I 
appreciate the groups tolerance and collective good will that I see 
constantly. I must confess I shipped some plants very poorly, and I'm afraid 
they didn't arrive very well, though I did send like 5 species as I thought 
proper in my ignorance. I'm now sending some out again in hopes of redeeming 
myself to some one else.