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Re: Chaotic dots

Davy writes:

> Yesterday however, I noticed something that has gotten me somewhat
>  concerned. On the inside of the aquarium, near the gravel, there are
>  hundreds of little white dots of about 1/10 mm (or maybe even smaller) that
>  are moving around very actively and chaotically. I am wondering if these
>  dots are actually organic (bacteria or other microorganisms). My questions
>  are: (1) WHAT are they, (2) WHERE do they come from and (3) are they
>  harmful?

Sounds like the little critters I sometimes collect to feed my fish.  I don't 
know what they are, but my fish love them.  They survived the aslt soak in a 
cyst form.  The fish will love them.  If they were parasitic, they would die 
overnight without a host.  Give the tank a couple days to see what they do.  
Then add a couple fish and see if they eat these things.  Free fish food. :-)

Bob Dixon