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Re: Fluoro tubes from Europe

Mike wrote:

I may have opportunity and would like to try some fluoro tubes from Europe.
I am aware of primary/secondary from ballasts, but not sure about if design
differences will work on ballast(110V/50-60Hz) here in the US.
Has any of you experience with them?
Apropos, "Amano's" tubes which at one point were sold in US are from Japan,

I reply:

There is no problem with using lamps from Europe provided you can find an
appropriate ballast. They have a lot of lamps that come in metric lengths
and you can't buy and the exact correct ballast here with a 110 volt primary
side. However, the lamp currents are standard and sort of proportional to
the lamp length so if it is a metric length you will always be able to find
a ballast that is close enough to the right current to work. To choose the
right ballast you need to know the lamp diameter, nominal wattage and the
length of the lamp.