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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #611

I have sent a message to the list a couple of days ago but it still hasn't
been published... So this is my second try...

Here's the original message:

Last week, I set up a new tank (Juwel Rio 240 liters or about 60 US
gallons). There's no organic matter in the aquarium yet (no plants and no
fish). There's only a piece of driftwood that I soaked for days in a NaCl
solution and rinsed thoroughly before putting it in the aquarium. The plant
substrate is baked and the gravel has been disinfected before packaging (at
least that's what they tell me at the aquarium store I got it from). I use
60% tap water and 40% r/o water (stored for only 2 days).

Yesterday however, I noticed something that has gotten me somewhat
concerned. On the inside of the aquarium, near the gravel, there are
hundreds of little white dots of about 1/10 mm (or maybe even smaller) that
are moving around very actively and chaotically. I am wondering if these
dots are actually organic (bacteria or other microorganisms). My questions
are: (1) WHAT are they, (2) WHERE do they come from and (3) are they

I hope there's someone who can help me solve my little mystery...

davy.cleys at skynet_be