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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #610

>ok, i stand corrected... however, how can you call them such names????  :-)  
>they are one of my favorite fish, they are just so cute i wouldn't care if 
>they munch on some scrumptious soft new growth...  be grateful you can keep 
>them, they tend to be delicate upon arrival and lots of people can't keep 
>them alive...  they haven't chewed on my amazons but i keep the big ones,
>the chain one.  i always see them busy ridding the amazon leaves of algae.  
>they 'll also eat flake and wafers that fall to the gravel.
>good luck.
>tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA


I guess that I tend toward dry humor... I do find them to be great company.
They are amazingly active. They really spring to life about 8pm and spend a
lot of time racing up and down the glass. Now with the new Cories they all
race up and down the glass... their weaving back and forth looks like
basketball practice. I have read reports of their delicateness on
introduction to a new tank and I am greatful for their success.

Thanks for the reply.


mourip @ erols . com
Washington, DC