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breeding otocinclus

Years ago I had a trio of Otocinclus in a 20 high and a lot of plants.
Being an inexperienced plant grower I increase the light a lot and had an
instant bloom of green algae(not hair algae or green water but the kind that
grows on the sides of the tank).  The Oto's loved it and laid eggs.  I had
no idea they had done this but one day noticed tons of little fry hanging on
the glass nibbling on all the algae.  Unfortunately something changed in the
conditions in the tank and all the algae disappeared, afterwhich all of the
fry more or less starved to death.  They wouldn't accept spinach or any
other greens I put in.  This was many years ago in upstate New York and I
believe the water was very soft.  Temps in the low 80's.  Since then I've
never noticed anymore fry but most of my tanks have had a lot more fish and
they may have bred but the young would then have just become fish food.

In Jax.


Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 17:55:44 EDT
From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
Subject: Otocinclus 

Most of us have a small school of otos running through our tanks.  has
had luck breeding them, intentionally or on purpose.  I would be interested 
in hearing from anyone who can input any info at idmiamibob at aol_com

Bob Dixon