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Plants Swaps

"About two months ago, a lurker from this list responded to an offer I made
for Java fern.  He wanted to trade me some "Mexican Oak Plant" and rotala
for several nice clumps of Java fern.  Like a chump, I agreed to send him
the fern and I actually expected to receive *something* in return.  I did
finally get a reply to one of my many e-mails; he said the plants arrived in
great shape. That was over a month ago. I guess I am out the priority mail
postage and my time. 
More importantly, I am now even more jaded and cynical. I didn't think that
was possible.
The moral of the story is: If you don't recognize the name, assume they are
a petty crook."

I have done several trades via the APD and have been very happy with the
plants and the process. Thanks to Cavan Millsman, and Jeff Bodin! I would
not let one bad transaction sour your view on the readership of the APD
whether active poster or more of a lurker like myself. 
If you are interested in Rotala Macaranda I have plenty. In fact I just did
some trimming yesterday and would send you some out tomorrow if you would
like.  I also have extra Amano Pearlgrass, Crypt (Willisi?), and Water
Sprite.  Email me off line if you are interested don't worry about a trade
or the shipping costs.  I will eat the $3.20 if it will help just one person
to become a little less jaded and cynical :).


Larry Lampert