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high pH in B'more tapwater

Thanks for all the replies.I  called the water supplier and was told that
they usually adjust the water with lime to a pH of 7.6~8.4.This is way
higher than the 7.4 it used to be for years.I keep Discus and breed
Apistogrammas this really screws me up.The last week I measured the pH like
Jo between 8.3 and 8.8!
I'll be at the Aquarium Center tomorrow and ask them about this.Maybe they
know more about what's going on.I whish I had the money for a RO,DI unit.
Thanks again

Jo wrote
I live just between Baltimore and Severn and out
of curiosity today I measured my pH. It was
between 8.4 and 8.8 .

Normally my pH used to be 7.4-7.6

Go figure. It's definately something gone wierd here.