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"tall" plants suggestions...

Hi all,

I've been running a 30gal 'high' tank w/ an Eclipse 2 hood for about 3
months now - the tank is heavily planted w/ mostly broad-leafed plants.
Because of the low light level (2x15 watt bulbs) the plants haven't been
doing so well - so I added one of the light kits from ahsupply to my tank.
I've just finished putting it in place earlier today.

The amount of lights is now up to 56 watts - still relatively low but
certainly an improvement. Since the tank is 24" high, I'm looking for
suggestions for tall plants that will thrive under the current lighting (if
not thrive then at least grow at a moderately fast rate). Preferably the
plants should grow mostly upward but not outward - none of the ones I have
now are over 6" in height, which makes the aquarium look pretty empty at the

I've put tall plastic plants in, but they just don't look good along with
the live plants, and they need to be cleaned of algae after awhile and
that's something which I'd rather not have to do on a regular basis. I'm
pretty new to all this stuff so I welcome any suggestions anyone might have.