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Re: trimming/ pruning/ maintaining crypts

On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, J Miller wrote:
>   I was always under the impression that crypts were low light plants. 
> But both Paul and Roger have stated that they grow like weeds (my
> paraphrase ;-) under what I would call high light.  I keep my crypts
> under the shadows of swords, and lilies, thinking that that's the best
> way to grow them.  

Crypts are known as low light plants because some commonly kept species
tolerate low light, not because they grow better in low light.  Given
enough light some Crypts are robust and aggressive plants.  Some species
(crispatula and ciliata come to mind) don't do at all well in low light.

>   I do have 80W of florescent light over my 35 gal plant tank, but I
> have placed all of the crypts out of direct light.  Will they grow
> faster, larger, more if I move them into direct light?

Yes, but...  Unless your lighting is unusually efficient 80w/35 gallons is
still not real bright, so you might not see much difference.  Their
recovery from the move and adaptation to brighter light may not be

>   BTW, substrate is mostly just plane gravel, but it has, up until a
> few months ago, been a *fish* tank for several years.  I also added
> some left over Flourish and a few Jobes Spike for Ferns.  Should be a
> good rich substrate, right?

That might be fine.  Keep in mind that fertility has to be maintained.

Roger Miller