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Re: Vortex Diatom Filter Problems

Rod writes:

> I bought a Vortex Model XL (the big one) Diatom Filter at the
>  LFS (I was having an Ich outbreak).  Set it up and let it run.
>  It ran for 9 hours till 1:30 in the morning, when it started
>  making a high-pitched screeching noise, that setup off the
>  glass-breaks in my burglar alarm.
>  I went back to my LFS and they traded out the one I bought
>  for a new one (very nice people).  Set it up and let it
>  run.  NOT OVERNIGHT.  It ran the first evening for 4 or
>  5 hours okay.  Next morning I started it up again.  It ran
>  from 8 in the morning till 5 in the evening.  Then it started
>  making a high-pitched screeching noise.
>  People use these filters all the time.  I have one of the smaller
>  models that I have used for about 15 years.  There must be
>  something I am missing here.  Any ideas?

Yes, you are missing something.  The whole point of the filter.  It is for 
"scrubbung" the water and removing the silt and stuff that reduces clarity.  
That should take no more than an hour, unless your tank is really huge.  They 
won't run for hours on end, and they aren't intended to.  If you have one 
you've used for years that way, you are lucky.  

Bob Dixon