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How much space do you need?


Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

I have been working on building a 75 gallon tank stand for the last few weeks.  My plan involves a stand with no front center or back center support.  The 4 main tank supports will be made of laminated cherry hardwood with miters and tennons.   I built a workbench like this and it could support an elephant.  My question follows.

With my plan I need a back panel which runs across to the  2 back legs.  I plan on leaving 6 inches at the top of this back panel to get all my hoses etc. into.  Will this be enough space?  So if you are looking at the finished stand from the back you will see a back panel and then right under the tank there will be 5 inches of open space.  Above that I will have a support beam of course.

I think I will use an Ehiem 2226 Canister filter so I know I will have 2 hoses there.   I will have a CO2 cylinder so only a small hose will be required.  Other things will be power cords etc.   I can make this space from 5 to 10 inches.  But this back panel will be the back of built in shelves.  So every inch that I leave for more hose space etc. is less space for the shelves.  

I hope I made this question clear enough.  Basically,  are the hoses flexible enough to get through 5 inches only or should I leave more space?  I missing any items out that I can't stretch through a 5-6 inch space.

PS.  Although I'm setting up a planted tank with a canister filter, if I changed to a trickle filter would this space at the top be enough.  I have never used a trickle filter.  I just want the stand to be able to handle anything.



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