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shipping through the post office

sorry for being late in responding to this trend.

just this week, i got some plants from another lister in california.  it took 
2 weeks to arrive and they were all dead.  the post office had no explanation 
to give.

unfortunately, while the USPS is run by idiots as we all know, it is still 
the best way to ship plants.  most of the times, it arrives ok and on time IF 
you pay for priority mail ($3.20 for the first lb.).  

i have had problems with UPS in the past and would not recommend them.

the above is my experience with plants only, i have not shipped fish.

bailin wrote:

> One note, if the  stuff you're shipping is expensive (fish or plants), and 
>  you insist on shipping through the post office, then pay for some 
>    This way if things come in dead or really bad shape, they (USPS) are 
>  responsible and not you.

bailin, are you sure they insure perishables such as live fish or plants?

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA