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Re: Shipping Fish??

Edward Venn writes:

>  UPS, Fed Ex and Flying 
>  Tigers ship fish from the US, Philippines, HK, Sing and Thailand to my 
>  LFS- Pau Pau Aqua Garden. In Japan these goods also travel around the 
>  company by commercial delivery services. Now what bothers me is that the 
>  same companies will refuse to ship live fish unless you pay 
>  as much as 50% extra. S

There is no extra charge for fish.  When I ship UPS, I do it at work.  I use 
the company scale to weigh the package and the company UPS shipping rates 
chart to determine the correct cost.  I write the check, the box and shipping 
forms both stae it is live fish.  The guy in shipping tells the UPS pick-up 
driver that it is live fish. He knows, UPS knows, everybody knows.  There's 
no extra charge. Ever.

My big problem with Fed Ex has been the insistance that every time I have a 
shipment, I have to get the packing container certified by The cetral office 
before I can pack it.  That means paying to ship the empty box back east, 
waiting for it to turn around, then packing the fish.  Even if the box has 
been certified before, it has to be sent back again for each shipment.

Bob Dixon