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Re: LFS in Toronto?

Hi Mike,

You might want to try Big Al's (Aquarium Services).  I'm not from Toronto
but recently the Big Al's stores over here celebrated an 8th anniversary
and they brought in a lot of legal Asian Arowana (sp?).  All the fish were
captive bred and had an implant id microchip.  I did not really look at the
prices much but I remember seeing an 8 inch gold/green variety for $1000
(they had others but I did not look at prices).

If you are really motivated (and have loads of money) try www.dragonfish.com
This is an operation in Singapore that breeds the asian arowanas but I
think you have to buy at least 6 fish (and go through all the red tape with
customs).  The last time I checked it would have come out to around $6000
+/- US.

Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axion_net