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Re: Riccia and Hairgrass


>>> http://www.floridadriftwood.com/jordanplantings.htm
>I don't understand what purpose the hairgrass serves.  (I've never had
>riccia.)  Does the riccia attach to the hairgrass? 

My reply:

THe hairgrass spines act as a scafolding for the riccia "fans".  The shape
of those fans causes them to naturaly interlock w/ each other around the
hairgrass spines as they grow.  You can use other hairgrasses (some 200
var.) to pull this off, but the Cichlid Resistant Hairgrass has stiff
spines that make this easier.  Other unique advantages of the CRH  for this
application are it also a hardy, slow grower that tolerates low light
conditions.  You just tuck riccia "fan" segments into the hairgrass blades. 

> Why is the
>hairgrass easier to attach to than, say, flourite? 

 Its better than using gravel to hold down the riccia since gravel is

> I know some people
>mix their riccia with java moss because the moss attaches to things
>easier, correct?  I can see how the riccia and moss could easily
>become entangled so that this would work, but is this the same concept
>at work with the hairgrass?

Yes! But I think makes an arrangement that is far less neat and tends to
look "scraggly".  Javamoss grows MUCH faster than CRH and doesn't always
let the riccia dominate.  Besides, one you have the Javamoss attached and
growing fine, why "spoil" the look w/ riccia?  

Keep an eye on the "Jordan" page as I add more of his pics in the next few

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