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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #601

> Most plants growing beneath them have benefitted
> greatly.  Rotala macrandra and rotundifolia, Ammania,
> Hygrophyllia corymbrosa (a plant that I have had a lot
> of trouble with until now) and difformis, najas,
> Mayaca, and some formerly Bacopa caroliniana among
> others are looking good.
> The only one that isn't doing well anymore is my
> Heteranthera zosterifolia.  This plant has always been
> a super fast grower and great trade bait, so I'm very
> concerned about how growth has slowed to a crawl and
> how in some sections, leaves are smallish and
> blackening.  (Don't worry Bailin, I'll still have
> plenty to send you.  After that...?)
> This plant is a real beauty when doing well, and I
> would so much like to get it back to its former
> greatness.
> Nothing about the water is different.  Actually, I
> don't think that would matter anyway, since this plant
> has done well for me through thick and thin.
> When I pulled some macrandra out of the way of the
> filter I was cleaning, I noticed that stargrass shaded
> by the macrandra still looked good.  Same for the
> stuff growing closer to the single Triton in front.
> What could it be about the Zoomeds that benefits the
> other plants so much but hurts the stargrass?  Are
> they actually too bright?
> I guess I could put put some Limnobium over it (and
> trim the long roots every day).  Or some Salvina from
> another tank (maybe that's not such a hot idea).
> I could always just move some good sections up front
> and fill the hole with Mayaca or Shinersia, but I like
> it there.  Suggestions?
> Thank you, Cavan       in Pittsburgh