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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #601

> I don't understand what purpose the hairgrass serves.  (I've never had
> riccia.)  Does the riccia attach to the hairgrass?
It entangles, not attaches(like in roots).

 Why is the
> hairgrass easier to attach to than, say, flourite?

It catches furry things like Riccia and also hair algae etc detritus etc
much better.

 I know some people
> mix their riccia with java moss becaus the moss attaches to things
> easier, correct? 


 I can see how the riccia and moss could easily
> become entangled so that this would work, but is this the same concept
> at work with the hairgrass?

Yep again except the hairgrass roots into the substrate and the moss is not
as good at this. Moss also grows 3D where the hair grass is more a 2D grow

Some species /tuypes of Riccia will float and some will sink.The type that
sinks will form the the long term mat.If you wish to try the floating type
you need to place stones etc with Riccia attached to these and place the
hairgrass portions in between these rocks. It still needs maintenance and
over the long term can wear you down:) The sinking kind doesn't have as many
bubbles etc but is easier over time. But it is very to get rid of once you
have it.

Tom Barr