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Stargrass Suffering Under Zoo Meds

Here's a weird one.  Awhile back, I wired in an
electronic ballast in my twin tube 36" Perfecto light
to run two Zoo Med T8S, one 6500k, and one 8500k plant
grow bulb.  They are VERY bright, especially with
mylar above them.  

Most plants growing beneath them have benefitted
greatly.  Rotala macrandra and rotundifolia, Ammania,
Hygrophyllia corymbrosa (a plant that I have had a lot
of trouble with until now) and difformis, najas,
Mayaca, and some formerly Bacopa caroliniana among
others are looking good.  

The only one that isn't doing well anymore is my
Heteranthera zosterifolia.  This plant has always been
a super fast grower and great trade bait, so I'm very
concerned about how growth has slowed to a crawl and
how in some sections, leaves are smallish and
blackening.  (Don't worry Bailin, I'll still have
plenty to send you.  After that...?)
This plant is a real beauty when doing well, and I
would so much like to get it back to its former

Nothing about the water is different.  Actually, I
don't think that would matter anyway, since this plant
has done well for me through thick and thin.  

When I pulled some macrandra out of the way of the
filter I was cleaning, I noticed that stargrass shaded
by the macrandra still looked good.  Same for the
stuff growing closer to the single Triton in front.

What could it be about the Zoomeds that benefits the
other plants so much but hurts the stargrass?  Are
they actually too bright?  

I guess I could put put some Limnobium over it (and
trim the long roots every day).  Or some Salvina from
another tank (maybe that's not such a hot idea).
I could always just move some good sections up front
and fill the hole with Mayaca or Shinersia, but I like
it there.  Suggestions?  

Thank you, Cavan       in Pittsburgh  

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