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Re: Post office shipping

>>One note, if the  stuff you're shipping is expensive (fish or plants), and
you insist on shipping through the post office, then pay for some insurance.
This way if things come in dead or really bad shape, they (USPS) are
responsible and not you.<<

Neither the post office, UPS, or Fed X will insure anything that is
perishable. If you dont tell them whats in the box you can buy insurance,
but just try and put a claim in! This includes plants and live fish. There
is a big difference between shipping plants and fish by the post office. Its
much more critical to send live animals overnight. You want the least amount
of time in transit as possible for fish or any animal. I have never heard of
any professional fish shipper shipping anything less than guranteed
overnight delivery. Plants on the other hand can usually live up to a week
in transit. There has been many discussions on the shipping of plants and I
wont bore everyone by going thru it again, but I will just say I ship plants
twice a week USPS every week, priority mail, with very little problems.

Robert Paul H
RK Aquaria Plant Forum moderator
Open Directory Editor, Humans  do it better!