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Re: Riccia and Heirgrass

> Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 18:36:17 -0400
> From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com>
> Subject: Re: Postal Service Disasters
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> Check out the Skill of this Aquarist:
> http://www.floridadriftwood.com/jordanplantings.htm
> ~Awesome!  More pics coming in 24hrs!

I don't understand what purpose the hairgrass serves.  (I've never had
riccia.)  Does the riccia attach to the hairgrass?  Why is the
hairgrass easier to attach to than, say, flourite?  I know some people
mix their riccia with java moss becaus the moss attaches to things
easier, correct?  I can see how the riccia and moss could easily
become entangled so that this would work, but is this the same concept
at work with the hairgrass?

It is an interesting aquascape, Dwight!  (Sigh...  I need a lawn for
my tank...)
Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC
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