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Re: PCF bulbs

Biplane10 at aol_com wrote:

> I've been casually checking around on the web for pc flourescent light
> & fixtures, while I'm still contemplating a cure for my light blues. I
> someone at BuyLighting.com to see if they carried, or could get pcf bulbs
> what the price would be. He found GE 50 watt bulbs at a price of $10.50.
> These would be 5000K and I assume, can be accommodated in a fixture rated
> 55 watts. Life expectancy is around 14,000 hours. He found Sylvania 55

Ivo wrote:

These do not sound as the same thing as the usual 55 Watt bi-ax bulbs we
are used to put in our fixtures. The wattage, the price and the lifetime
sound odd. What is the spec of these bulbs ? I mean, what exactly is
written on their base/socket ? What socket type they need ? What size/type
are they ?

I reply:

The GE lamps are a 2G11 socket. Their most suitable color is the 850. They
are rapid start lamps. Advance makes ballasts that will operate one or two
of these lamps at almost a 1.0 B.F. The same ballast will also operate the
55 watt PCs but at a lower B.F.

Wayne Jones

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